Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fall Bass

Fall bass fishing tips

I was just thinking back trying to remember my last post which was topwater frogs. Fall is a great time for topwater fishing as well as for many other techniques. So today I'm going to touch on Fall bass.

It's that time of year again. Fall is one of my personal favorite times for bass fishing. Things are happening at this time of year. The water is cooling and the bass are on the move. The mood of Fall bass, is very similar to bass in the Spring; however the bass have a different motive for being very active. In Spring the motive is the spawn. Fall bass on the other hand have feeding on their mind.

Where to find bass in the Fall

As I mentioned bass become very active in fall as they do in Spring and they will often be found in the same area's as in Spring. When the water begins to cool in the fall, bait fish and craw fish start to migrate toward shallow areas where the water cools first. These areas on reservoirs are, the very backs of creeks, shallow flats, secondary points and the backs of coves. My main objective when looking for fall bass is to find bait. The bass are looking to prepare for the long cold Winter ahead; this means they have one thing in mind; Food. When you find large concentrations of bait fish in the Fall, the bass will be there.

I begin my search for bass in the Fall season, in the back of major creeks and work my way back toward the mouth. I'll be idling my boat, watching my graph and looking for any signs of large schools of shad or other bait fish. Some of the things that can signal bait is in an area, are birds such as loons, or herring. These birds often feed on bait fish. If they are in an area there's a good chance there's a concentration of bait there as well. Also watch for signs of feeding fish shad skipping along the surface of the water or bass actually busting the bait. once I locate an area that's holding bait, start fishing any visible shallow cover that's present.

Lures for Fall bass

Generally the bass are active and will feed aggressively in the Fall. So there's a very good chance they will chase a fast moving lure. I will start with one of my favorites for Fall the spinnerbait or a lipless crankbait. However as I always preach, keep an open mind and let the conditions dictate your methods; until the bass tell you what they want and how they want it. See Learn to Think Like A Bass

Some of the other lures which can be very good in the fall are topwater lures, jigs, and jerkbaits.

Fall is a great time to be on the water. The bass are bitting and nature is putting on the best show of the year. There is no better time to enjoy bass fishing. so get out and chase those Fall bass.

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