Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Ultimate Bass Fishing Tip

The Most Important Bass Fishing Tip That You Will Ever Get.

So far I have discussed several lures such as the
senko and how to use them. Today I’m going to give everyone what I believe is the one most important tip that beginners or any other bass fisherman should learn and practice above and beyond all others.

In my 35 years of bass fishing and guiding, there is one mistake that I see almost every beginner make. This mistake is so prevalent that I even see experienced fishermen make it. I have even seen bass fishermen spend years and years building their whole fishing attitude and fishing style around this mistake and due to their failure to realize their mistake they never reach their potential as a bass fisherman.

It’s very understandable why this mistake is so prevalent in the sport. It’s actually very heavily promoted by the tackle, and boat companies and the pros who they sponsor in the industry.
Today’s bass fishermen are basically programmed or brainwashed by ads and commercials to believe that they can become a better bass fisherman by spending money on products. I see the results of this almost every day. People who think they can spend their way to being a great fisherman.

First of all let me make it clear that I’m not against anyone marketing products or anyone buying the products. There’s tons of great bass fishing products on the market and good equipment and the skills to use that equipment are essential tools for a good bass fisherman. However, the tools do not make the mechanic.

Let me explain with an example. If someone calls himself a mechanic, has $40,000 worth of mechanics tools but no experience or knowledge of cars, how good of a mechanic is he? See my point?

Well my true point here is, to be a good bass fisherman you should not make equipment your priority. A couple decent rod & reels a good selection of lures and a decent dependable boat if the water you fish demands a boat, is all you really need!

Don’t focus your approach to bass fishing on equipment.. Focus your approach on learning everything you can about your query THE BASS. This is the most important bass fishing tip that you’ll ever get.. If you know where he lives at any given time of year and what he’s eating, then you’ll know exactly what lure to use and where to use it. Get the point? While your buddy in his $30,000 bass boat is out rummaging through his $5000 tackle boxes full of lures and casting at every thing all over the lake, you’ll be catching fish!

Spend that time that you’ve been spending druweling over the Bass Pro Shop or Cabelas catalog reading books on bass or better yet, out on the water. Before I go, Here is one good source for learning the habits of bass.
 Take this bass fishing tip to heart and I promise you’ll be a better fisherman.

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